Setting up the DokuWiki

I’ve just started setting up the Social Future Wiki. It’s where I hope a lot of work on the projects will happen. I, for one, want to use the DokuWiki for making my work on my reputation economy system Quantified Prestige more accessible and able to be improved by others. Because it’s a system that actually uses some more or less complicated mathematics, I have installed a DokuWiki extension which can display LaTeX formulas. For example the text “$a^2 + b^2 = c^2$” will be displayed as the a beautiful “a²+b²=c²”.

The Wiki is set up so that all contents have by default no copyright protection (nope, not even creative commons or something like that)! That is fairly unconventional, but I think it’s the best way to go in order to move to a future with full digital information abundance. So, when you post something to the wiki, everyone can basically do everything with the contents you just posted. If you see problems with this, please them. Of course, it would be possible to deviate from the default of copyright non-existence, but in order to do that, you would add copyright notices on your own.

We need to think about what to use the wiki for exactly. Sure, it will be used for project work, but it could be used for other stuff, too. But which “other stuff” exactly? I’m quite open for ideas.

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One first goal in another wiki I cooperated was to gather the information on all current groups to contact, educational resources, videos, etc.
Now, you want to put some ideas there too, like the definition of basic income, their implementations, etc.

Yes, I think we best to that for each project. Different groups and resources and relevant to different projects. Meaning: Each project would have wiki sites collecting associated groups and helpful resources.