Separate category just for introductions

i think there should be a separate category just for introductions so they can be found easily. Hmmm. is there a tag, but i dont think that’s as easy to get to.?

ideally maybe have a sidebar with people pages on the landing page, but it might not be worth the effort to implement that?

I think it’s important, cos i big part of what 3F is is ‘who can help me? who can i help?’


ah. I can get to them with

but that doesn’t show up in the drop down category list? i think

yeah, so it’s like a subgroup, and i’m suggesting making it a main top level group.

and maybe put one of the very-top-of-page-horizontal-links-bar as ‘people’ and link it to

I think that’s not a bad idea. The problem is just that the top bar is starting to get overloaded. It might be necessary to turn it into some kind of dropdown menu in the future. That would also look better, and more professional, I think.

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