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Self-driving vehicles and public transport


Many people talk about autonomous cars so that you don’t have to drive by yourself and can use the time for something else, or that cab services became cheaper.

But what about public transport? E.g. driver-less trains already exist since decades and now their are experiments with buses too.

I know that trains just suck in the US. Except within city cores and a few places, transit is of very little use. A century ago the US had the best railway network in the world. The next 50 years were spend ruining it. Surely private cars are competition and while it was logical that rail services were reduced, like in Europe and Canada, their near-total collapse in the US was not inevitable.

Individual means of travel are kind of ineffective in terms of resource consumption, compared to collective means of travel.

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… und, was willst du nun hier diskutieren :thinking:


selfdriving e-scooters? :wink:

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