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RT DE got deplatformed, so I created

The deletion of the german news channel “RT DE” from YouTube has been an action that went way too far for my liking. So, I’ve sanctioned YouTube itself with a strike and then created a website to document that. That website is called Boycott Strike. See for yourself:

This is of course a work in progress.

Any ideas how to make this really big?


I think that this is barely consequent to the cognitivity of most people today.
Well, how to make big such a project? Maybe a good hint might be through getting famous by many people here. But as I already mentioned, most people today are pretty confused, feared or stupid (sorry).
Huhhhh … well. I just tried to promote through sharing this post here. That’s all I could do.
I just watched your site “boycottstrike”. Looks pretty nice to me. Keep going, maybe you will reach your goal. What should be the goal of all of us …

Nicht wundern. Ich kann’s auch auf deutsch.


sorry, i couldn`t resist …