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REPDEV Logo needed!

Yesterday I’ve posted “What is the REPDEV Network?” on the Fractal Future Blog. I wanted to have a good logo for the Network, but I couldn’t come up with a really good idea. So, I just made a graphic with a network in the background and the name of the Network as text. That doesn’t make for a good logo.

The Fractal Future Network logo looks good. I really notice that, because seeing that as favicon in multiple tabs in my browser actually makes me feel better. It’s a pleasant and recognizable logo.

Now I want some logo like that for the REPDEV Network. It may or may not have “REPDEV” or “network” within it. My main desire is that it looks good, attractive, and easily triggers associations with a (well functioning) reputation economy.

This thread can be used for open idea brainstorming for the logo. Let me start with some ideas:

  • What visual objects are associated with reputation?
  • royal regalia like crowns, robes, or scepters
  • the colour purple, because of purple robes having been prohibitively expensive in the middle ages
  • the colour gold, because it’s of course expensive, and gold medals are associated with great achievement
  • diamonds!
  • persons of great renown like famous inventors, scientists, artists, stars, philosophers, politicians :wink:
  • networks or waves, because people with great reputation can create waves within their networks?
  • Something relatively simple like the Fractal Future Network logo would be cool.
  • What about using the FFN logo as basis and just modifying it somehow?
  • Should the REPDEV logo be “fractal” or not?
  • Should the REPDEV logo be “decentralized” (circular / with a hole in the middle) or not?
  • Should it look like some kind of “network”? Perhaps some kind of grid? What about a triangular grid (Illuminati confirmed :blush: ;))
  • Purple should probably not be the only colour in the logo. Either take some close by colour like blue or red, or take something complementary like yellow (gold).
  • The logo could also be something really “simple” like the Nike “swoosh”.