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Reception of memetics / meme theory

(Bastian Braun) #1

Have you seen this video of SciShow?
It gives a broad overview of memetics. More interesting for me is the reception of this video. A lot of downvotes, hateful often sexist comments and some general critic on the (scientific) concept of “memes”. See also the facebook entry of that video

I would love to see your opinion on the popular reception of meme theory on this example.

(Michael Hrenka) #2

There seems to be some justified criticism of this being a video on memes in general, and not of “dank memes” as suggested by the title. In other words: The video is kinda off-topic. Also, the popular meaning of “memes” has been so much specified to internet memes that mention of “meme” attracts crowds with almost zero attention span and little inhibition to write hateful comments.