React Coders here?

Does anyone here have coding experience with (or at least well researched opinions on) React?

Yesterday I did some research on front-end web frameworks and React seems to be one of the hottest trends at the moment. This means that it gets a reasonable amount of community support, which I see as very important feature. Angular is currently still the most prominent front-end framework, with Angular 2.0 probably being much better than Angular 1.x in many respects, but I heard many voices claiming that React is still “better” than Angular 2.0 (performance-wise for example).

Anyway, I like about React that it’s more of a lightweight framework, perhaps comparable to jQuery – but of course more contemporary than jQuery. What’s your opinion on this as jQuery user, @Macius_Szczur?

React seems to have a bright future, in any case, so it’s probably the best time to learn it now.