Proposal to scale Tor via decentralised ‘Tor credits’

So far this has held up to scrutiny, I will do a successor to this shortly with the nitty gritty of how the proofs of work may be made resistant to abuse through sub networks of credits.

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Thanks for sharing your proposal here. I think it’s quite promising in general.

Perhaps it would be interesting to ask who here is using Tor and if so, how often. I only use it occasionally, because I usually value speed more than good privacy or anonymity. In my case, I’m probably on enough watchlists already, simply because I’m interested in all kinds of (ethically legitimate) non-mainstream stuff, so … whatever. :wink: And sometimes I’m even glad that Google knows what I’m interested in, so that I get targeted advertisements. Anyway, I would be really happy if there was a fast and painless way to be anonymous. So far, Tor has managed to become rather painless, but its speed is still an issue for me. The current web is made for frictionless broadband, and not for Tor.

I wonder what some of our security interested F3 members think about this proposal: @Elriel, @Macius_Szczur, @notatroll, @sandu, @Maximo_Ramallo, @AlonzoTG, @Hiro_Protagonist, @HoverHell, @Nuzz

Btw: There seems to be something strange going on with the Open Graph settings on your blog, Deku_shrub. Those settings somehow add a lot of empty space in / after the “Onebox” (see Help).