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Promotional book about QP/REPDEV

In order to popularize the idea of Quantified Prestige and its applications and benefits, I have considered writing a book about QP. The basic idea is that the book explains the concrete benefits of the system for people – and illustrates those with interspersed short stories (with a potentially overarching story line across the book).

It would be cool, if the book was released about at the same time as a functioning beta version of a rudimentary QP web application. That would invite readers to play with the system interactively. At the same time, they would also get an idea about how the completely mature system might look like and what benefits it would provide.

A side theme of the book might be universal basic income that is enabled by QP, but could also be implemented in some states for the sake of demonstrating how the combination of UBI and QP would synergize to a totally awesome economy.

The working title for the book is:

“The Quantified Prestige Economy – A Vision Of Universal Abundance”

What do you think about this subproject? Do you think it is a good method to make the idea popular? Or do you think that communicating with the media directly would bring more results?