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Project: Natural House + Structures - Any Suggestions for Building?

You shout what you think would be worth building and I’ll go out and build it. “Build it and they will come?” Well that’s how I feel now.
I can put two pallets together and do something useful to you or me (for the now or for the future)

< picture page of main structure >
and see greenhouse, storage tool shed, woodstove)

Where? Do you ‘own’ land?

Czech Republic / next to Germany. My preference would be sending a PM here just to avoid things left publicly behind / old news / house-keeping etc. PM I assume is quite secure here.

A lot is on my site already. You can also send a comment there at the bottom which is private / non corporate / less software in between. Comments are often more private than people’s own email via 3rd party to me.

If you have Gmail etc then better for both not to have msg’s via email (leaving an email copy accessible to Gmail) but use the above 2 ways (PM and comments box).

click here to see house pictures

Why don’t you want this info to be public? I looked at your site. I can’t find anything that answers my questions.