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Programming a first QP demo implementation in PHP

Quantified Prestige needs to be implemented as software, as soon as possible. Why? Because if users and coders can see it and play with it, they will get an intuitive feeling for the idea of a reputation economy. On that basis, it is far easier to attract and recruit more people that can help with the further development.

To get many people to play with QP it would be the best to set it up as simple centralized software, using totally popular programming languages, so that as many people as possible can experiment with QP. This means the first implementation will be in: PHP, MySQL (MariaDB), JavaScript. Whether that basis will be suitable for serious implementations or not does not matter at this stage, because at this stage the purpose of these efforts is to spread interest in the QP idea as quickly as possible!

I’ve started programming a first demo version of QP, but since I don’t have much programming experience, this takes long! It will take months until I can get to a version that implements the most essential basics. What I have created so far after a few weeks of programming is half of a rudimentary registration system, nothing more. I’m not using any framework, but I’m trying to use the model-view-controller pattern properly. What I’m doing at this stage, is more an exercise in programming than anything else.

More serious attempts to create a PHP demo could use parts of the Symfony framework, which is rather popular at the moment.

It would be awesome if there was an experiences PHP programmer who could create a simple QP demo rather quickly. In that case, I would focus on the architecture and the feature set for the demo, rather than the programming implementation.

In any case, it would be cool if programming demo versions of QP would be a joint effort. Just hacking something together that basically works would be much better than nothing. Or at least just thinking about how the QP demo software should be structured (in the MVP pattern sense, with models, views, controllers, files, objects, database tables, functions, whatever) would be cool, too.

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Hey, how is it going, please?


Thank you for your interest, @Macius_Szczur . I have been busy with other issues, so I didn’t make any significant progress with programming. Other things just happened to have been higher on my list of priorities. Maybe that was a mistake, but I’m not sure about that. What’s your opinion? How much would you value a usable demo version of QP?

Same with me, unfortunately there seems to always be someting higher on priorities list. I’m obviously interested in seeing it work, as for making it work… depends. Too early to talk about it :slight_smile:

First of all, it’s great to see any interest at all! :smile: For making it work: Alone posting it here shows that there is interest in the idea, which can attract more interest. My hope is that people get actually frustrated that there isn’t a great collaborative effort to make QP happen.

This year I have been mainly strategizing about how to turn QP into a real success. It won’t be enough to through any functioning application out there. One of the main requirements is to attract interest and keep people interested in the idea, so that a community can form around it. That is what I am trying to do with REPDEV.

Probably the best way to go forward is a balanced one, by distributing time and effort about equally on development and community building efforts. Which might imply that I need to become more serious about time management. :smiley: