Presentation of Fractal Cosmos content

Radivis says that we will probably have a fully functional wiki in a few week, which is really good because we will able to start organizing the fractal cosmos material.

Now, we have to start thinking about how to organize our wiki articles.

The first thing we need to do, so that the project looks coherent, is decide the year in which we are supposudley writing. We can’t have an article written from the point of view of someone who’s living in 2030 and another from the point of view of someone living in 2040.
So, I propose we set 2200 as our official writing time. I had initially thought of 2150, since this project is intended to be a relatively near-future work, but now I think we should have a slightly bigger timespan to explore, since it would allow us to explore more ideas without having to make things happen too fast. What do you think?

We also need to think what kind of articles we should have:

  • Timelines, including a general timeline of our universe and several timelines of specific events (like the second cold war)
  • Profiles of nations, factions, cultures, religions, organizations etc.
  • Profiles of important people (heads of state, militairy leader, scientists etc.)
  • Articles about important events like wars, battles, elections etc.
  • Aticles about important scientific advancements and cultural revolutions.
  • Articles about technological development.

Personally, I think we should start with the timelines, since that will make it easier for us to write de rest of the articles. What do you think?

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Why not? The Fractal Cosmos provides a rich space-time continuum in which stories can be set in any place and time. I think this is the best way to go. If someone wants to write a story settled in 2035, why not? If someone else wants to write a story that spans from 2025 to 2125, why not? The only limitation that I would impose is not to write about events that are after the latest time in the Fractal Cosmos timeline.

Yes, that’s all very good. The wiki should really feel like a Wikipedia about an alternate universe, or like a Wikipedia from the future :smiley:

We could add

  • Articles about certain organizations
  • Explanations about certain machines and technologies
  • Philosophical and ideological concepts
  • General timelines for each decade

Yes, definitely! :smile:

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That’s OK with stories, but I think wiki articles should look like they were all written in the same period. This way, our wiki would look more like a unified work, a wikipedia from the future, as you said.

Of course that people would still be free to set their strories in period they want and to tell them from the point of view of whoever they want. I was only talking about the wiki when I said we should have an official writing time.

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Agreed. But I think it’s too early to set a clearly defined end date. Let’s just say it should be somewhere in the 22nd century.

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