Poll about wiki software

Today i’ve written the thread Wiki Frustration in which I mentioned different options for the wiki. All of which seem to be suboptimal to some degree. Then I wanted to add a poll to the thread, but the forum told me it was too late to add a poll later on. So, I’ll use this new thread for the poll. Please read the original Wiki Frustration thread first to learn about the issues associated with all the different options. So, here is the poll:

Which wiki software should we use?

  • MediaWiki
  • DokuWiki on VestaCP (if it’s possible to fix it)
  • DokuWiki on a separate server
  • Discourse with its wiki features
  • TikiWiki
  • Some other free and open source wiki software (please specify below)
  • Confluence (not free)
  • Some project management software with integrated wiki function (for example Trac, Redmine or Phabricator)
  • Something else entirely (please specify below)
  • No wiki at all please

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I have been surprised that there have been votes for TikiWiki. In fact, this caused me to research that option in more detail, but I stumbled upon a serious issue: Almost nobody seems to use TikiWiki. Those sites which have been examples for TikiWiki now use some other software. In fact, I haven’t seen any really convincing wiki based on TikiWiki. Apart from that, TikiWiki is bloatware: It has too many features. We only need a proper Wiki, because we already have a good forum and a decent blog/CMS.

Anyway, I think that DokuWiki is the best fit for the Fractal Future Network for one important reason: It doesn’t use a database, so copying and migrating parts of one DokuWiki instance to another instance is rather easy, because no database is involved. This is actually very important, since the Fractal Future Network has a role as project launching platform. If projects mature so far that they want their own infrastructure, they would easily be able to migrate their area of a FFN DokuWiki to their own instance.

So, the plan is to set up a DokuWiki next – so that it actually works. I’ve already found a how-to for that: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-dokuwiki-with-nginx-on-an-ubuntu-12-04-vps. :smile: