Platform migration issues

If we want to use the Fractal Future Network as an actual project launching platform, then there’s the question of how to migrate content from the Fractal Future Network to the independent infrastructure of a successfully launched platform. While content could be migrated manually, this process would be quite time and effort consuming, especially for a larger project with lots of content.

The problem is that migrating the whole database (of this forum, for example) wouldn’t solve this problem, because there’s the whole data of the FFN in the database. Exporting select parts of the database is possible, but very tricky. We would need a dedicated programmer who can write customized export- and import scripts.

A lazy solution is not to migrate content, but to basically start anew and only link to the contents back on the FFN, which would then play the role of an archive for the launched project. Some important content could still be migrated manually in that case. As long as we don’t have customized export and import scripts, this solution is probably the best.

Does anyone here see another possible alternative?

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