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Plans for growth, synergy, and recruitment

So far, the FFN has been very small. I want it to grow, so that it can develop more interesting dynamics. It should become a really enriching community that its members want to visit daily to find great opportunities for high quality engagement with people throughout the broad futurist community.

There is one particular strength about the Fractal Future Forum: It enables long, thoughtful, innovative, respectful, and interesting discussions that can be picked up later on by others. Doing the same on Facebook is like trying to climb a near vertical cliff: Possible in theory, but extremely hard in practice. Forums really have a culture that is different from other types of social media.

I want to engage with a diverse set of people, and I think that staying in the core transhumanist community is a bit too restrictive. The FFN should include many different futurist communities to become a place that is very enriching for its members and visitors. There are a couple of communities which I think should be represented here: The decentralization community and the basic income community. Both are very futuristic in their own respects and making those communities meet with each other, and with transhumanism might create some very interesting synergies or even collaborative projects.

Also, I have the fear that if this place starts out as complete stronghold of the transhumanist community that other communities won’t feel really welcome on the FFN. I want that all kinds of futurists (if they are not crazy extremists) can feel welcome here.

Other futurist communities will be invited later on. I think that focusing on two communities for two months each will be good for growing the FFN consistently in an interesting and engaging manner. This means that June and July will be dedicated to getting decentralization enthusiasts and basic income advocates into the FFN. So, if you know people who are members of those communities, please invite them to join the Fractal Future Forum. You can suggest them to write a short statement about why the future needs decentralization / basic income.

What do you think about this strategy? Can it be improved somehow? Do you want to play a role in this effort to extend the actual scope of the FFN?

Hi Michael,

I think I could help in this. Let’s organise a chat at some point and explore some possibilities.


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Great! Thanks for your offer to help with this! In this forum, there’s the possibility to sent private messages to other members by clicking on their names and then on the green “Message” button. Other members can be added to those private chats later on, too, if this is desired. That’s probably the best way to stay in personal contact using the currently available infrastructure of the Fractal Future Network.

There have been suggestions to add a chat room to the Fractal Future Network, but so far I haven’t found a solution that totally convinced me. It seems like some people try to create a chat plugin for the software this forum runs on, but it’s anyone’s guess when, or even if that will be completed.