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Places to test ideologies

There are hundreds of “ideologies” out there, be they socially, political, economical or religious. But most of them remain just hypothetic constructs detached from the practical.

So how about this: One could create places that are under the absolute rule of one doctrine where they can do what they want except hurting beings without true reason and so on… For example, an anarcho-capitalistic island, post-scarcity city or radical islamic space station, to name just a few ideas.

Certainly a lot of bad stuff could and will happen, but since no one would be forced to live in this places, unlike today’s nation states who hold monopolies on land, I’d say that the people there agree with that risk by knowing about it and still moving there. Also, they could just leave.

I wonder what would happen at such places and if certain ideologies really work. I think most “systems” that now only exist in theory would work in real life, but in most cases, only for a certain time and with dire consequences for the people…

By the way, I came to this idea while scrolling in social media and reading postings that glory this and that ideology, as if those users think they could magically imply their systems by posting about them on the internet. For example, alt-right neonazis who hope that the Third Reich will rise again if they just shout enough racist phrases in public or some leftists who think postings on a billion-dollar capitalist social network with doubtful business practices will end global capitalism. :wink:


den gedanken hatte ich auch

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@Idomenio You basically sketched the idea of the Fractal Society here, see


Experimental societies based on their own rules are a very cool thing, if it’s all voluntary. But what if the people there get their own children? The solution I suggest in my current novel project Guidance Withdrawal is that people are supposed to go on an “odyssey” between several different societies before they can actually choose for or against one.

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Very good.