Once upon a time in WESTWORLD

there was a film in the year 1973, a film called “westworld”.

a hugh film, a smart film, a cornerstone in science-fiction.

a film about robots, artificial life, artificial intelligence … a film in a line with films like alien, blade runner, robocop, … a film made for a new era .

last year i heard about “westworld- the serie”. i was excited.

i watched the first season. i was excited.

i watched the second season. i was terrified.

in the year 2012 i thought, the film “prometheus” was the biggest shit in the known universe.
in the year 2019 i know, “westworld season 2” ist the biggest mound of shit ever seen in the hole universe.

a pathetic ridiculous dumb but of course well-meaning mound of pussy-shit.

there is some people who are crying about the fall of the occident - watch “westworld 2” - and you can see it.

Ash : I can’t lie to you about your chances, but… you have my sympathies.

in the last episode the gunman teddy shot himself. i wish i could do so.

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remember westworld. pretty awsone.

I’m a fan of science fiction franchises, but rather in the space opera style.