Ok, the NSA Really Knows Everything You do. Now What?

This may not be the most recent Edward Snowden revelation, but it seems to be the most severe to me so far:

If there hadn’t been so many previously shocking revelations so far, this one should have been a total nuclear shocker. It seems that we have accustomed ourselves to the bitter realization that the NSA and possibly other secret services are penetrating our privacy on a really deep level.

The real question is: Should we do anything about it? And if yes, what can we actually do about it? Switch to open source hardware?

Another reason to work together IRL.

With which tools? Pen and paper? :pencil:

How do you plan on getting things done without advanced electronic technology?

Air gap. Don’t connect anything we want to keep secret to the inet.

Ok, that sounds like the only way to keep stuff stored on electronic devices without perfectly open hardware safe.

Unless there are secret Wi-Fi transmitters hidden in the hardware that connect to the internet anyway. I don’t think that’s realistic at this time, but we might see this happen in the near future.

Better use tinfoil hats just in case.

You mean tinfoil shielded computers :smiley:

To be honest, it sounds like complete rubbish to me. Especially the part that every historical gap is recorded unseen. Yeah, the micro chips on my mainboard have tons of gigabyte of data storage… :wink:

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While it seems to be true that the article in question is satire, which is discussed extensively on Reddit, its point is rather that it’s not actually so far removed from reality. Here are some related links that were posted in the related Facebook thread in the Zero State group: