Now we have a Fractal Future Chat

Some members of the Fractal Future Network voiced their wish for a chat room for this community. I have been somewhat reluctant about installing one, because I wasn’t convinced by the technical possibilities that I’ve researched so far. However @mawei did his own research and found a chat software that turns out to be quite nice indeed: Chatango. It’s a custom chat that doesn’t use IRC, Jabber/XMPP, as far as I know, so it flew under my radar. However, it works pretty nicely. You can find it on the bottom right by clicking on the small box. Also, you can display it in a dedicated browser window by clicking on the “Chat” link on the very top.

In both cases, it is recommended that you register a username. Your name from this forum is not automatically taken, because the chat is an external service that is not directly linked with the Fractal Future Forum.

I could also include the chat into the Fractal Future Blog and Wiki, if there is any demand.

Have fun with this feature and thanks to @mawei for this commendable initiative! This way, the Fractal Future Network can grow and become better much faster than. :smiley:


I have deactivated the Chatango chat for now, since we have a new IRC based chat. This is line with what @mawei, @zanthia, and I have discussed. The Chatango chat was nice, but preferred embedding the KiwiIRC chat box.

If you want to have the Chatango chat back, please speak up. It’s technically no problem to have two chats running in parallel. The only problem with that is that users would obviously be confused about this forum having two chat implementations active at once.

Unfortunately, we have found out that the KiwiIRC chat is not very mobile friendly. So, I reactivated the Chatango chat. This means we currently have two chat rooms active at the same time. It’s a bit of a chat room Easter egg hunt now :smiley: