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New World Thinking: Adapting to changing times

The time has come,’ the Walrus said,
To talk of many things:
Of shoes — and ships — and sealin-wax —
Of cabbages — and kings —
And why the sea is boiling hot —
And whether pigs have wings.’

Ofcourse, that’s not my poem…

The period between 1947 and 2019 can be thought of as something like the proverbial Kansas… Flat, comfortable old. History is over, right? Well, History is happening now. A change in the seasons, a turning of the tide. Worse, this upheval in human affairs comes on the eve of what we believe will be the technological singularity so even knowin all variables, it is very difficult to know which world model is more personaly relevant. IE, you may want to jump into the singularity mode of thought and action but are forced to deal with a societal collapse while struggling with a monkeybrain that is really stuck in a Kansas mindset.

The Trump card may or may not be in the pipeline, but the situation seems incredibly dire. The mobs are being provoked into a blind rage, and most of that hate is being directed at the so called ‘caucasians’. Every piece of propaganda in all media runs down white people and builds up “PoC”.

We call what is coming a Boogaloo, which is much much more turmultuous than a civil war, or consider what an uncivil war would be like… The only form of victory possible in a Boogaloo, is simple survival, and that may not even be possible.

On the other side, the political situation will be greatly improved as your enemies will have killed each other off and the survivors will have far fewer delusions about the nature of life and civilization. The downlside of this, ofcourse, is that we will be in a rebuilding after a planetary scale catastrophy instead of moving forward to bigger and better things uninterrupted.

One of the things I’ve learned from trying to predict the future is that there are many hidden intermediate steps. I mean you observe A, B, and C, so you think “Well D can’t be more than a few weeks away”. No, there is a process involved, and processes take time. There is both the necessary succession of events, ie the effects of C must actually be felt and the pre-conditions of D must be fully formed before D can happen. Furthermore, there is a very strong psychological factor that I had not fully appreciated. That is, people have a hard time breaking out of an A or B mindset and, at least partially get into a C mindset at which point D can start to happen. You can call it the Wile E. Coyote phenomenon.

Even after having been exiled from working life for the last ten years, I still try to get a job and have a career and a life and a family,. Well I’m 43 now. The world has moved on. There are no jobs. The old world is past. and the women have been brainwashed into betraying their ancestors. I mean I find myself trying to estimate the worth of something in dollars. The dollar has been completely undermined at this point and hyperinflation is already setting in.

I guess what I am trying to do is point out that it is far too easy to get set into a mode of thought even long after it has become untennable. I mean the people taking the vaccines, if not out of simple obedience, are doing it because they wish for the old world to come back. It will not. I can’t speak to what is actually in thes vaccines, but it has already caused thousands of deaths and far worse “side effects” may very well be in the pipeline before a year passes. The Vaccine is a lie. Everything about the vaccine is a lie, DO NOT TAKE IT!!!


I don’t see the necessity of that foregone conclusion. Sure, tensions are building up, and somehow they need to unload themselves, but a civil war is not the only option. We could also have a situation that’s similar to the French Revolution where the common rage gets directed at the ruling elites. The question then becomes: What will happen when the evil plutocrats will have fallen? Will mankind be wise enough to prevent the emergence of similar situations? Ah, probably not. But perhaps we won’t be that naive the next time around. That would at least constitute some progress.

Yeah, just think about it. Some of us want posthumanism. What necessary step needs to be taken before that? Transhumanism! And what must come before that? Humanism! We haven’t even seen the rise of proper humanism yet, and we are already dreaming dreams of divinity. And look how likely the imminent reign of humanism has become all around the world: Instead of reason we see a falling back to religions and propaganda as modes to steer the collective consciousness of the masses. Not very rosy prospects, but the knowledge of these relations can help up to move into the right direction.

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The French revolution was nothing like the American revolution. There is a vast amount of history there that is actually actively being covered up and glossed over. Find a history book that it is, itself, at least 40 years old, prefferably older than that (ideal age between 60 and 100 years old.) and actually study what happened during the French revolution. How many people died by the gilotuine? What were their political sympathies?

World War III would be much better than the 2nd American Civil War.