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Neural interfaces: the unasked question

While we wait to learn the fate of human civilization as the checks and balances of the American electoral process is pitted against unbelievable levels of corruption, there is a fascinating aspect of neural interfacing that I have not seen anyone mention before.

(How many corrupt individuals can this system withstand anyway?)

With a direct link to the brain, we stand a good chance of learning a great many things about individuals. Already psychological studies show that different people have considerably different mental experiences along a number of spectra that are not fully understood yet, such as being able to form mental immages, or having an internal monologue or not. A neural interface would be able to catalogue and measure these cognitive features much more exactly and much more systematically than is possible with the limited range and limited depth of current psychological and even FMRI studies. not only that, it will probably be possible to directly measure and benchmark the ‘g’ factor of each brain, eliminating all BS about education and nonsense about cultural oppression and crap like that. On the technological side, one would want to design neural prosthetic devices to patch in or upgrade cognitive faculties that are shown to be absent in certain people, care must be taken regarding informed consent and understanding whether a mental feature really is beneficial.

But given a printout of each individuals cognitive “pallete” and g-factor how does that affect society? How do we arrange it so that people who drew 2’s and 3’s have the opportunity to move in the direction of the people with kings and aces without being summerily discarded without any hope. I’m pretty sure I’m somewhat neural atpyical myself and therefore have flunked all job interviews in the past 8 years and have not been able to find work, now with the NWO pushing this pandemic BS, I’m in an even more hopeless situation. At least Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out in a few days…


Simple: The job market will change to include your “neuroprofile” into your overall profile. Companies and other organisations will then search for people with a profile that fits their requirements. Certain neuroprofiles will be generally much more desirable than others, but for those with neuroprofiles that fit certain niches, this could be a real boon.

Other than that, it may be the task of society to come up with creative uses for certain neuroprofiles. Creativity is the limiting factor of wealth creation.