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My monitor just stopped working

It’s unfortunate, but my 21.5’’ 1080p Samsung monitor just turned black while it was running and I was cleaning some dust off it with a dry tissue (does that make any sense?). Since I don’t have a spare monitor lying around, or any computer other than my mobile phone I am feeling somewhat crippled until I get a replacement.

This seems to emphasize the need for hardware redundancy or fallback devices. My mobile is not properly set up to act as emergency desktop replacement.

So, please don’t expect me to be very active until I can resolve this issue. Also. I’m definitely trying to stay relaxed during this inconvenient situation :slight_smile:

Edit : Seems the monitor itself is not damaged. I suspect the HDMI cable to be kaput. Can they actually break that easily?

Edit2: On second thought, it’s probably actually the monitor. These things do tend to get old and unreliable. So, I need a new one. I dislike maintenance expenses like these.

One better get a spare computer in these occasions.

A few weeks ago got my pc hacked and that brought me a lot of trouble. Actually, I got to buy a new computer to rescue important data, and cannibalize what was left from my other computer.

It left me concerned, so that this experience forced me to learn ethical hacking for preventive security.

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Please feel free to share the insights you’ve learned from your terrible hacking incident. Sooner or later we need to become serious about security. And starting with a smooth learning curve is preferable to getting hit so hard that you are afraid of standing up again.

Of course, you don’t need to discuss everything openly. But at least linking to most useful security resources would be a great start to get us up to speed about the most important basics.

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As you will know, I am an advocate of kopimi, meaning that I like to share things.

As soon as the wiki is open, I will.

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Phew, I’ve bought a new monitor for 140€ + 9€ for a high quality HDMI cable. And it works! I am free again! :smiley: I would have had to try very hard to stay relaxed if the problem turned out to be something other than the monitor :sweat_smile:

I’ve got this guy:

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