My Introduction

I chose to make an introduction here for letting people know me. Because I am a new member in this website.

The reason I chose to become a member here is for opening my mind about people’s different ideas. Also, I came here to express my own ideas.

My personality type is I.N.T.J. Despite the Myers-Briggs personality test being pseudoscientific, I do support science. As an atheist supporting secularism, I find there is no scientific evidence proving God exists in objective reality 100%.

Speaking of science. I support the scientific method when creating solutions to making an improved world that we live in. I believe there are improvements that can be made and opportunities in this world. It is just a matter of how smart, confident, and motivated people are for creating an improved world we live in.

Otherwise, I want a world where different ideas are expressed without the dehumanizing thought police involved. I am against dehumanizing censorship that creates an Orwellian echo chamber.

What I am not against is human rights. I believe that human rights are threatened because of dehumanizing censorship disguised as political correctness, online surveillance, an oligarchical monopoly in international economies making a small population tyrannically richer than most people, infant circumcision, religious fearmongering, police fearmongering, systemic sexism, independent journalists being attacked by government authorities, fairly skeptical anti-vaxxers dealing with unfair unemployment for avoiding negative side effects from COVID vaccines, etc. I believe this world represents things that are in the “1984” book by George Orwell.

Another thing that I am against and hate is lack of online anonymity. A reason why I came here is because popular “social” media platforms have become dehumanizing echo chambers with creepy government-tracked phone number verification systems. A place like this does not require me to compromise my online anonymity so far, though.


Welcome to the Fractal Future Forum. It’s great to have you among us. How have you found this small community?

I have created the F3 as alternative to Facebook (and a couple of old-school mailing lists) long before it has become a censorship nightmare. When I founded the F3, I thought that the discussions on Facebook were too shallow, so I was reminded of the glory days of the old bulletin boards in which serious conversations online could happen. When Facebook releaved itself to violate personal privacy in a way that was unacceptable to me, I left that platform completely.

My intention with the F3 was to create a platform on which all sides are heard to enable a basis for a future that is based on a consensus (or at least a compromise) of different groups and preferences.

I will try to maintain the F3 as long as it’s possible for me. So far, I haven’t faced any serious problems for hosting the F3. Even if it will become difficult for me, I will face any resistance with tooth and nail. I’m glad that my efforts are at least appreciated by a couple of people.

I found this Fractal Future Forum community on Communities powered by Discourse | DiscourseHub. The reason I registered an account on here was to find a place with the least censorship while respecting my online anonymity at the same time.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Tumblr, IMDb, and others have become draconian witch hunt platforms while being privacy nightmares. I lost my loyalty towards them once they reared their true colors to me. From what I gathered, the dehumanizing oligarchs who only care about profit and power have plagued them. Unconventionality has been replaced by conventionality on them. Art has been replaced by corporate interests on them. High quality talent has been replaced by very watered down content disguised as family-friendly on them. Intellectual growth has been replaced by impulsive consumerism on them. Open-minded discussions have been euphemistically replaced by political correctness on them. Thinking outside the box has been replaced by playing it safe on them. They have been emasculated, dumbed down, and filled with hypocritical simps that walk on eggshells. They remind me of “1984” by George Orwell.

I find the big tech industry is misogynistic and controlled by mostly cut-throat men considering more males are likely to be antisocial, criminal, emotionally suppressed, narcissistic, physically strong enough for moving heavy technologies, competitive, inventive, violent, risky, talented at working with things, etc. than females on average if we are honest about statistics and hard biological science here that have been supported by thousand-year long data. So, I am not surprised cut-throat men are controlling those draconian witch hunt platforms to bully high quality content creators for profit and political power via dehumanizing censorship, Orwellian phone number verification, creepy anti-adblockers, etc. It is why some people have stopped uploading content on those draconian witch hunt platforms and have resorted to finding other online communities for using their talents.

My disappointment from the international COVID recession, regressive sexism internationally, draconian witch hunt platforms, Orwellian phone number verification on websites, dehumanizing censorship, and other things have led me here.

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