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My christmass list

My other posts on the state of the world barely even began to scratch the surface of how Bad things are. In this case Egon would say, “well there are Bad things, what’s coming is Worse.”

Right now my pass-time is eating popcorn and watching the several pathalogical optimists out there waiting for the day they realize what’s really going on.

Anyway, lets talk about something happier.

First I want better computers. My gaming computer is flaking out and I’m debating whether to strip it down and attempt a mid-life repair or run it as-is until it’s scheduled retirement roughly spring next year. The expected repair would be a new motherboard of the obsolete B450 series and possibly some BS with the windows license key. I don’t want to do an out-of-cycle upgrade because it would be expensive and DDR4 era parts are scheduled for obsolescence.

I want a computer, more likely a network, that is maybe 200 times as powerful as my current gaming machine and absolutely reliable in that it either works or it outputs a clear and concise error message as to precisely what part is not performing correctly, no more of this coming down each morning to find a different, obscure, bluescreen error.

Actually, I want enough horespower to run several dozen sapient AGI systems and one or two Sufficiently Powerful™ ASI systems

I don’t expect to control the ASI’s in any strict sense but rather have them willing to indulge my whims among the other things they do and not do anything that’s fundamentally incompatible with what I want them to do.

I’d like to be able to take selections from my game collection and make full dive VR from them, or combine them in a kerbal space program based galaxy. =P

In addition to the obvious uses, one major thing I need to do is to learn the physical laws of consciousness. Information itself is actually a physical thing that has properties, even an infinitessimal mass! It has become customary to think of mind as an expression of information. The urgent need is to nail down exactly the pysical and subjective laws of consciousness. The methodology I propose is to do mad science to AGI agents. I would do this as ethically as possible, but the need for the work remains.

Later in the project I need to do a huge amount of work with nanotech and synthetic biology but that is for next christmas. =P

I went thru my previous posts to this forum and yeah, I’ve been talking about my neural interface ideas from the beginning. Here’s the rub of it. I’m not getting a Neuralink! =P No, I have my own specific ideas about how a neural interface should work and what it should do and I demand nothing less than the right to use my own mad science to design my own interface. It’s unreal! I’ve been following transhumanism since the mid '90s and one of the possible futures is a situation where neural interfaces become like smart phones and I’m still like, NO, I WANT IT THIS WAY. (I do not carry any type of celular phone). I guess I was born too early and under the wrong astrological sign or something (Capricorn) but I’m not one of the Cool People who gets to design nural interfaces and the choice appears it’s going to be accept the lame, primitive, and weak interfaces that will be coming on the market or NOTHING. =\


Why bother for a christmas list when the world is doomed?
Do you think she is a pathological optimist as well? :

or he:

Repair the old one and keep it and in addition buy a new one. This is how I do it. I kept all my computers. Especially in these times it might be a good advice to invest your fiat money in things you really want to have.

Keep any good news you like, and store it in a box. Take a look at it again in early 2023. I look forward to resuming this discussion then.

I am currently operating two computers, both are very high end. This one is a threadripper 3960. Running pretty well despite some cooling issues and overheating for a while, now under close monitoring. needs to upgrade GTX980Ti, waiting for availability.

Other machine is a 2700x with a Titan RTX, so very expensive machine there too. Defaualt option: it still kinda works so just press forward in current state until scheduled CPU upgrade. Option 2, buy replacement obsolete B450 motherboard. Option 3: Spend $1,000 for an out-of-cycle upgrade to 5900…

How bad do you expect things to get?

Hey, things are not too bad, if you can still enjoy your popcorn! :wink:

What would you use them for? Keeping your popcorn warm while playing VR games?

What would you hope them to do? Fix the brokenness of this world or merely facilitating better hormonal balance for you?

I read that as “I don’t want to really control ASI, but I want the ASI under control.” That’s probably what the criminal elites in charge of this planet think about us. Controlling us is too much hassle, but they want to see us under control. Do you think you would be a much better ruler than them?

All hail the soul soothing escapism! :smiley: Nice idea anyway!

I’m glad you haven’t lost your ambitions, yet.

I like you for your attitude. You are a real character.

Welcome to the club! :dark_sunglasses:

Sometimes I feel like this life is a game I’ve chosen to play something really challenging for a change. Unfortunately, I seem to be such a noob that I don’t even seem to figure out the controls.

How bad do you expect things to get?

120 million dead in USA alone from the vaccine but blamed on a strain of the virus, government and civil infrastructure on the brink of collapse. Widespread infirtility in the survivors.

(if you have chosen to survive this and not taken vaccine, then stay hidden until they acknowledge that the vaccine itself caused the deaths!!)

Well, it’s a problem, I want to be ethical so I say “Ok, I want to give the ASI as much latitude as possible but at the end of the day, I still need what I need.”