Moved to a new Server

A nightly automatic forum software update from Saturday 2023-02-11 to Sunday 2023-02-12 caused a serious problem that I couldn’t fix easily. So, I decided to move the forum to a new server with slightly better hardware (now it runs on 2 processor cores instead of 1 and has slightly more disk space).

The backup I used for that is from Friday 2023-02-10 (I didn’t have a more recent one, but it doesn’t seem that there have been any new posts during that period anyway).

If you notice any problems, please reply as soon as possible.

By the way, with the latest update I switched from the Babble chat plugin to the new integrated chat feature of Discord. Feel free to test that out.

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Thank you for your hard work here. I’m still getting my feet wet, but I like the content.

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Why are non-staff outgoing emails disabled now?

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It came automatically with the latest update. I suppose the intention of that setting was to reduce spam. I’ve just disabled that setting. After all, this forum doesn’t send a lot of mails anyway.

Aw. I could have given you prank mail for April Fools Day. But, I guess that will never come to pass.

Do you know what I hate? Servers that throw a hissy fit when you come in with an off-brand browser. On my other monitor I still use a browser that is, for all practical purposes, a descendant of Netscape. The server basically throws a hissy fit when I come in with that browser and serves a basically unusable version of the page. =\

You know what? I agree. My default browser Vivaldi is a chromium based browser and it doesn’t seem to be properly supported, either. The developers of the Discourse forum software seem to be pretty good in general, but this latest decision to ditch less used browsers was definitely a mistake.

The techno-feudalistic tech company giants are trying to make people use either Chrome or Firefox by making other browsers incompatible. It’s like forcing people to choose between the democratic and republican parties both controlled by those who support war crimes. Mozilla workers do their best to put on a facade about caring about privacy. Profit is what they care about mostly. Google’s money is what Mozilla relies on to keep the lights on. Google is controlled by America’s totalitarian tech company oligarchs who cause war crimes that Julian Assange exposed. Any business that claims to care about anything other than profit makes me automatically suspicious.