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Meta: Auto-translation

(Alan Grimes) #1

2/3rds of the site is unreadable to me. I only speak English. Can the site be hooked into google translate or something so that a user can declare a language preference and, after that, posts will be presented in their translated form, and new posts would be assumed to originate in the user’s preferred language?


i would use

its very strong from german to english.


thank you for the link - i just used it to translate @Radivis sci-fi-epos and i finally understand his apocryphes :smile:

(Michael Hrenka) #4

That’s an interesting idea, @AlonzoTG. I will look into that.

There’s a Discourse plugin that I could install here, which would do the job:

Shall I install it?


I wouldn’t use a translation software in a discussion because it could lead to some serious misunderstandings.


never say no to an update *s