Message for May '22

I couldn’t sleep at all last night. One of the things on my mind was this post. I’ll try to write it even though I’m not in my best form.

The good news is that the deaths should be subsiding at this point. There will be a tail that will claim another 750 million but this will be over the course of 3-4 years and not quite as dire a crisis as what just unfolded. (as of May '22, timing approximate ofcourse…)

One way to understand what just happened, is that this was the turning of the age. We are living through the last of the age of Pisces (fish) – also a symbol of the Christian faith, not cooincidentally.

We are entering the age of Aquarius (water bearer). If you want to continue down this line of thought and you could say that the people who died simply weren’t meant for this new age. As sad as this is, you need to understand that we are leaving a period where everything was set, if you were out of work, you were doomed to starve no matter what you did, if you had a job, you were basically forced to do the work of the people who couldn’t get jobs and being paid half as much for the work you did do. All of us, though, were powerless to stop this crisis.

The time we are entering though will be a time of extreme leverage. As there will be fewer people and the networks of power and control will have been greatly disrupted, we plebs will exert a far greater influence on the world. Life will be much like a RPG where each of our decisions and actions will have much greater influence than they ever had. It will also be our turn to live and write the myths that will form the narative of this new age.

Still, History has not ended yet and there is more coming. The next crisis will run from this summer, if not sooner, and run through 2024. The Enemy didn’t just kill us with poison injections, they did everything within their power to break the systems that provide us with food. Even with the excess deaths, I still expect severe food shortages. Re-establishing the networks of food production and delivery will be critical.

Beyond that, there is the Grand Solar Minimum which is predicted to begin around 2025 and extend through ??? The Enemy has been distracting us by forcing us to dispute their claims that there will be massive ‘global warming’ so that we will be unprepared when the Ice comes down to the middle latititudes, maybe as far down as 42-43 degrees (latitutde). If you live higher than 50 degrees be prepared to move to lower latitudes.

A good factory takes 2 years to build and 5 years to achieve its designed efficiency. We are going to need massive numbers of greenhouses…

I tend to agree most with this paragraph. We are in the early phases of the Great Awakening. The awakened are hardened by what they had to go through to remain stable in the face of great social pressure to get vaccinated. In a sense, this is a situation that is worse than going through a conventional war, because in a conventional war you have the backing of the state and most of your social peers.

Whatever skills the awakened need to face the upcoming challenges, they will adopt rapidly. It’s the growth mindset and the critical mindset that allows them to rise to the challenges that the world will throw at them, whatever they may be.

It turns out that the grip on power of the globalist elites has been much less stable than they had anticipated. Otherwise we wouldn’t see the utter insanity that is unfolding around us right now, but a more sane and ordered transition.

If we can maintain most of our current tech basis, we should be more or less fine. We still have plenty of uranium and thorium for nuclear power generation. It’s not like we are in a post-apocalyptic scenario in which all fossil fuels have already been used up. Even then, recovery of civilization would be possible, but would take way more time.