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Megastructures in a Stellaris mod

(Michael Hrenka) #1

The idea of megastructures has been adopted in a mod of the 4X game Stellaris from 2016.

Has anyone played that game, yet?

I find it quite interesting that these ideas get adopted like this.

(M. Weingärtner) #2

Yes, I play Stellaris time to time. One session lasts 20+ hours and you never win. And Stellaris has difficulties with the performance, especially in the late game. But it’s kinda cool.

I play only multiplayer, so no mods. Dysonspheres and ringworlds came to the game with the Utopia DLC, on which mentioned mod is based on, I think.

(Michael Hrenka) #3

Then who wins instead? :laughing:

(M. Weingärtner) #4

If you came so far, usually the endgame crisis :grinning: