Making first down

Linux forgot how to honor my keyboard mapping so I’m going to have to use my windows gaming PC to write this. =\

In American football (which I’m not a fan of) there’s a concept of first down. When a team gains possession of the ball, they have four “downs” to move the thing 10 yards down the field or lose it to the other team. (My knowledge of the game is sorely limited so plz forgive me). So, in playing that game your options on your last down are either to continue to attempt to reach first down or to attempt a field goal.

Not considering the clock, if you keep making first down, you get to keep possession indefinitely. =P Isn’t that the core of true immortalism? The ability to keep making first down. All of the immortalists I respect are doing something about making first down, whatever that means for them, even if it is something idiotic like uploading themselves. The ones I care not for are the ones who just run their mouths about longevity and try to make vague and non-specific noises about how good it is to live for a very long time. =\ Even if you are not sure how you want to make first down, any mundane way of getting more time on the clock is good too because it increases your odds overall.

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Hi Alonzo. Sorry, I forgot to check the F3 during my vacation.

I probably possess even less familiarity with American football, because it doesn’t seem to be a thing in Germany, and I’m really not interested in watching sports. Anyway, I’m not sure I get what you are trying to explain with your comparison. Something about continuing indefinitely? Or is it more about action vs. talk? What’s the deeper message here?

Do you follow some kind of longevity strategy?