Mad speculation

Today I wanna propose a highly speculative theory based on the flimsiest evidence that so-called psychics and near-death experiencers have reported. Frustratingly, until someone comes up with a gauge/ruler/meter/scope for these things it seems that doing true science is problematic. Nevertheless, it seems some groups have developed technologies for exploiting “remote viewing” phenomenon with interesting results. Still, without a proper set of tools, progress is essentially frustrated. =\

Ok, let’s commence to speculating. In the long long ago, there were two universes. A dark universe and a light universe. The dark universe was punctuated by occasional big glowing balls of gasses called stars many many lightyears apart. These balls of gasses would occasionally spit up rocks which became planets and stuff. Ok, There was also a light universe with profoundly different laws of space and time. It was more like a blank sheet of paper. The crudest possible first approximation is that it is basically a cellular automaton on an astronomical scale. The “light universe” lies on top of the dark universe and interacts with it when certain physical processes occur. It’s natural state, however, is chaotic, just a froth of information in a disordered state without meaningful structures or computations.

A long while later, in the long ago, life emerged in the dark universe. For the most part it was, and still is, dorky little buck-tooth critters that do what dorky little buck-tooth critters do:


One day one of these little guys was thinking about life and everything and thought to itself, wouldn’t it be great to be smart so that I can invent television, and the internet, and streaming video sites so that I can watch anime all day? This was an attractive notion so it set about thinking of ways to get smarter. Since brains seem to do smart, having a much larger brain seems to be the way to do it. The problem is that brains are expensive and need a lot of supporting hardware. Hey! there is this protein I can make that seems to do a lot more computation than it should… Hmm… I have an idea, If I use this other protein and the first protein, It seems to create a bubble/partition/cell/membrane/skin in the light universe that pushes out a lot of the useless chaotic data and noise out and greatly improves the quality of the data I can get from the first protein. Furthermore, by structuring the data within the bubble in the light universe, I can get virtually free cortical space which seems to boost my speed and intuition greatly so I’ll keep these and pass them on to my descendants…

In the not too long ago through the present, human cultures have arisen on Earth, and quite probably similar (in broad terms) cultures have arisen on other planets. When a person dies, an echo of that person often persists in the light universe. Without the biological brain maintaining a membrane around the mind fragment, it is able to experience the light universe. The thing to understand here is that generations of humans, over all of history, have been leaving these mind fragments/souls/spirits in the light universe. Because of this, and because of their preconceived notions of the afterlife, they have created a culture in the light universe that is entirely artificial though they, themselves probably don’t recognise it as such. Due to the emotional response the near death experiencers have reported, I don’t think these mind fragments have too much of a predisposition to critical thinking, they seem to reflect mostly right-brain modes of thought and tend to confuse their much greater access to information with understanding of that information. In this state, the boundaries of a spirit are very fuzzy and fluid. The retention of individuality seems to be more out of habit than anything else, to the extent it exists.

Each new individual, in the dark universe, MAY attempt to create a light-universe co-processor. When this happens either it will be entirely new creation patterned by the growing brain. It also seems possible that a pre-existing mind can jump into the forming mind-bubble during early development and thus be reincarnated. The young individual will, in most cases, attempt to format that mind bubble and thus impose an amnesia on the reincarnating soul. When this doesn’t happen, memories of past lives may persist. Again, it appears that the minds in the light universe don’t actually understand much of how their universe works, only that it seems like heaven to them and they tend to do things within the range and scope of human-originating imagination.

I really want a comprehensive suite of detectors/scanners/analyzers/probes to nail down hard answers about WTF is going on in the light universe, if it even exists that do not involve a human brain as a component part.

Cool ideas that would be awesome:

→ develop a machine that can transmit/broadcast/project a functioning internet cafe into the light universe.

→ develop a HCI/neural interface device that functions by connecting to a person’s mind bubble in the light universe.

→ develop a technology for connecting a mind bubble to a humanoid cyborg/robot/golem, specifically for use in assisting with transferring a person to a new body (in parallel with more conventional information transfer.)

→ develop a similar technology for incarnating/reincarnating minds that exist in the light universe.

→ develop tools to manipulate the isolation-bubble that living human minds seem to exist within so that they can experience the light universe in parallel with their lives in the dark universe.

There are probably ten times as many ideas that I’m not thinking of at the moment…

I believe any statement about the following to be utterly baseless, or will require a great deal more information than is available today.
→ God.
→ that either of the universes is above or prior to the other. Some say that we are souls in the other universe playing the metaphysical equivalent of super mario brothers in this universe, this is utter bullshit.

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To me this sounds like an attempt to make sense of “psionic phenomena” that is sufficient to enable the first steps at creating some kind of “psionic technology”. The ideas you describe sound fancy, but I think that they may not be unprecedented and maybe the nazis, CIA, or KGB have tried approaches like that.

The existence of some other “plane” may feel resonable to explain psionic phenomena. It might even be some kind of high tech artifact created by someone… simulators, aliens, antediluvian civilizations? For us it seems to be difficult to get a firm technological grasp on it, because interactions with that “plane” seem to be too sporadic, erratic, and chaotic to be approached with simple scientific experiments. This may be deliberate on two levels: On the first level it could be a safety mechanism devised by the creators of that “plane” to prevent tampering by primitive minds and civilizations like ours. On the second level, it could merely be a false impression we have, because the true knowledge is obscured by those who possess the true knowledge. They would lead us astray and manipulate the insights we can gain into that “plane”.

There are those who believe these phenomena have something to do with quantum mechanics. I doubt that. Quantum mechanics and psionic phenomena are both mysterious to regular humans, so it’s merely there mystery which connects both of them.

I suspect there is something really dark about all of this. I fear we don’t have the faintest clue what’s really going on. There are too many possibilities and finding definite answers is nearly out of the question in these matters.

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