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Location to discuss Roadmap to UBI document

Hi Michael (& others)

Please suggest the best location and mechanism, here on F3, for a self-selected group of people to discuss the management of the project to collaboratively create the Transpolitica research paper “Roadmap to Universal Basic Income”, as contained in the Google Doc

(This request is a follow-up to the Facebook discussion at

// David W.

I think the best first step is for me to create a project thread within the Transpolitica category, because it’s a Transpolitica project. My thinking goes in the direction that it’s probably sufficient to use this single thread for working on this project. If it’s not, more threads can be created.

And if people really see a need for it, I can also create an open or closed (or even both) subcategory for this project. But my preference is not to start with a new subcategory for every new project, especially if its time frame is not very large.

Coordination can be done in threads here in the F3 or in the Transpolitica Slack instance, if people want to use that. I’m pretty open to both options.