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Just a thought

Im New to this site/ forum.
Your site is called fractalfuture. And where we put our focus /energy in we get more of.
I love the intention of this site!
I challange you to write here what you want more of in your future, and what you wish for :blush:
In these times we need Now more then perhaps ever to focus on the positive to Keep our immunesupport up and raise our emotional vibrancy.
What I want more of:
:heart:Walks in nature
:heart:Organic foods
:heart:Clean water
:heart:Mood lifting talks
:heart:Freedom of speach
:heart:Freedom of living
:heart:Clean air
:heart:To breathe properly

What I wish for:
:heart:Living in harmony WITH the planet
:heart:Humans evolving from ego thinking
:heart:All Humans get to live in creativity (creation), eat Clean Food, drink pure Clean water, have their own house.
:heart:No money or currency
:heart:We live like we were supposed to
:heart:My kids get a safe future

  • Truth
  • Open discussions

Welcome to the Fractal Future Forum. Thanks for starting this interesting thread!

What I want:

  • Rationality
  • Passion
  • Knowledge
  • Truth
  • Wisdom
  • Genuine progress for the world and everyone
  • An open debate culture
  • Freedom
  • Peace
  • The best possible state of health
  • Replacing fear with excitement
  • Being able to make the best out of every single moment I live
  • Financial safety for every human by everyone getting a decent share of our common wealth
  • More information and free information
  • Personal and spiritual development towards the highest stages