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Join the QPDN now

Just post in here if you want to join the Quantified Prestige Development Network (QPDN).

You can also write something about yourself, any relevant skills you might have, or any role you want to play within the QPDN, but all of these informations are strictly optional.

Perhaps it’s a good idea that I briefly introduce myself here. I’m Michael Hrenka, the inventor of the Quantified Prestige system (studying mathematics was really helpful!). It’s actually many years old and I attempted to program it as web application on my own, but my inexperience as programmer and a really nasty chronic health issues forced me to give up that effort for quite a while.

In the meantime I’ve learned how to manage my health better, so I’m giving QP a new try. Also, my strategy has changed. I want to focus on establishing this QPDN instead of trying to create QP all on my own. Actually, I do want to participate in the programming, but I think a more collaborative approach has better chances of success.

Ok, I’m here. Fwiw.

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Great! Thank you very much for stepping up so early :slight_smile: We’ve already talked in private, but I think it’s also important to welcome you publicly to the QPDN.

Please keep in my that I strongly believe that we will establish a reputation economy and thus make the world a better and more interesting place.