Job/Work Advert: Wordpress Solution / Coding Job

Hi, I’m looking for the contents of individual .TXT files (stored in my website’s directory) to be displayed on my website. These text files are basically just a few lines of quotes that I want to randomly show up on my site.

I think something needs to be programmed to read the text and output it to a part of my site or widget area…

I’d like to keep adding my files to this quotes directory (e.g. and for them to be randomly picked with doing anything more later when adding.

• To be clear I don’t want to show a file name or the link to the text file but the actually contents to be read and displayed in a part of the site… (e.g. a widget)


Is there a jobs board here? Might be good for those interested.
I haven’t mentioned money yet for a good reason and can speak about it later…