Is technology ethical? can technology be unethical?


I do write differently to the average bear (or more accurately to some of those who have replied to me in the forum who complained somewhat :slight_smile: ). So my about page may show I’m sincere if it’s not assumed already and just am this way).

##Title concerns
This topic title is also used as a preliminary. It also serves to demonstrate a hazard in topic making since the words ‘ethical’ and not ‘ethical’ can be opinions or relating to a different sub-set of things including principles of preferences in different sorts of priorities which have their own ordering (further sub-set combinations). This is A REAL CAN OF WORMS :fried_shrimp:… which may excite the mind but perhaps after initial impulse needs adjusting for further objectives… so I’m considering other words, and welcome replacements for now with the above said things in mind…

##Reducing general comments / focussing somewhat… Something less opinionated / more practical…
Please PM any temptations of a reply to maintain clarity and minimal chat (I’m not too interested to be honest) - also avoids fragmented discussion on this page.

I think I can achieve this with two further headers, the feeling and the practicalities / facts:

###My general feeling towards clarity:

  • Ethical / unethical in my own view is when something is or is not done without my approval. I find that’s enough to cross boundaries… and can be anything!.. even to the level of building the very technological infrastructure I use without asking me if the forest should be cut for another power station… is something I’d say flat NO to even if it meant half the week without computer… Try me! Forest being carved up so I can jerk off hmmm…
  • I realise unavoidable things like people being born before me or having good reasons can make the above point seeming like I’m some God-like person people need to ask everything first, but I’d still prefer more asking then what it is now… I can see how many thing it would ‘help us’ get ahead in some sense to use technology (hard to group it all), but for actual benefits, we could have waited a while and got the knowledge anyway some other way without burning /building our environment into what it is. Or perhaps not. This paragraph acknowledges all those before me and hope we can get ahead and win this somewhat unclear game we’re in. No-one likes when something fun got too fast for them and can’t quite playing (tread-mill).

So towards a title analysis here is my breakdown for you to chew on further.

###My opinions of facts / practicalities towards clarity:
###Technology (I advise skipping the 2nd level of bullet indents on first read)

  • is too easy to use and too easy incorrectly used / messes other things
  • a user is also potential abuser of varying scope of responsibility (not all fall on one person or place).
    • training isn’t really given on how to use the net so not surprised generations completely missed technology traps like slow-release / stepping of hardware and versions… (perhaps even you reading right now are amongst all this doing it every day seeking for a way out constant reinstalling OS’s / apps, tweaking, constant tech changing, playing… overall (if I could talk on my behalf and some others) what we might deep down want to escape being, merely a slave to the machine somewhat unless a revolution suddenly happens without them…
    • Terms and conditions not explained to people in real life. Not enough care to prove terms have been read. Allowing self-exploitation and arguably at other people’s cost in the system. Other people’s tracked data eventually gets back to me for example. Grrr. :slightly_smiling:
  • Technology is another barrier or filter or can be even more of one between all of us
  • (lack of emotions etc list here)
  • other forms of misunderstanding …which admittedly can also happen in real life
  • Technology is inhuman (or much less human)…
    • so never going to up our skill in real life to the same level or same way.
  • is not transparent
  • relies on a huge business infrastructure (most of which we are fighting against on many levels
  • so how will that ever win that, raspberry pi soldiering our own parts & boards? :slight_smile:
  • huge power consumption, device manufacture plants, multiple duplicate product outputs / planned obsolescence is the least of the problems

##Useful Links(?) Section

IF a level of inhuman management proportions is found using technology (considering too that’s just one extension of life) then maybe it’s foreseeable that only the human factors come in to play thereafter that’s sorted or regressed back to the level of basic / simply minimal technology which I’m not suggesting would be better, but only would allow us to focus on the human things and not try going off on this tangent only to face the above facts, some of which I see as immovable.

##A short test question:
Q. I’m a slave to my machine, are you?