Interactive mission list

I had the idea to create an interactive to-do list (hmm, let’s call it better “mission list”, that sounds more epic) for tasks related to the administration and organization of the forum and the Fractal Future Network in general (so, many of these tasks can only be done by forum administrators, and I’m currently alone in that role, though remaining the only one is certainly not my long-term preference). If you are a trusted user (user level 2 or above), you can edit this list to add tasks, or remove them, if you actually completed one on your own (which would be totally awesome :smiley: ). So, here’s the

Mission List

Front(end) Missions

A useful feature would be the capability to add ‘lists’ to the site that all users could contribute to. Then we could crowd source content for useful lists such as:

  • Forum Goals (and link these to strategic initiatives)
  • Forum Objectives (SMART based tactical initiatives)
  • Requirements (suggest adopt agile user story format)
  • SWOT list (intelligence gathering and risk management)
  • Community Principles/Policies
  • Capabilities list covering skills in the user community that can be leveraged
  • Event List (conferences, podcasts, etc).
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Nice suggestions. So far, my thinking went into the direction that individual projects would use their own dedicated project / team software platforms, for example Slack, or other collaboration software listed in the Team Collaboration Tool Review Thread, which could include the features you are suggesting here.

Also, I see a problem there that using these tools may require more effort than most users are willing to put into this. After all, this is community that lives on voluntary engagement, and not a company.

We tried something like that in the Zero State community. It didn’t work out really well. First, we need really motivated people who can sacrifice some time for project related work. Then we can think about making lists and stuff.

Anyway, if people are really motivated and want to make such lists anyway, they can start by adding pages to the wiki. That would probably be the easiest way to start. And it’s probably the best place to make these lists for the Fractal Future Network as a whole, as compared to lists for specific projects.