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Intelligent crazy stuff on YouTube

(Michael Hrenka) #1

Sometimes I stumble upon weird crazy stuff on YouTube that turns out to may have some intelligent messages after all. Here are some of my finds:

Manly: A surreal-ish cartoon about warring gods and fulfilling inhumane expectations

Crack Duck: Another surreal-ish cartoon about a duck with really fucked up issues. Exploring and mirroring the dark sides of our society

Thoughty2: One of my favourite YouTubers. He shows a wild mixture of crazy, bizarre, thoughtful, or just interesting stuff.

What weird gems have you found on YouTube?

(M. Weingärtner) #2

I don’t know if this is intelligent, but it’s crazy, for sure:

And this one does have a message, I guess:

(Martin von Berg) #3

Philosophy in small bites - easily digestible. Quite entertaining.

(Michael Hrenka) #4

Perhaps not very much crazy, but very stylish and probably actually useful: Vegan Black Metal chef:

(M. Weingärtner) #5