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Influence evalutation and monitoring system

Continuing the discussion from How to make a futuristic society:

Your approach is interesting. It reminds me of efforts to find economic metrics that consider more different factor than the old GDP metric does. For example there’s the Genuine Progress Indicator by the Center for Sustainable Economy.

Also, there may be parallels to the methodology used in the State of the Future reports made by the Millennium Project.

In any case, I am interested in details about your metrics and how they work together. Have you made any texts or documents that explain your system?

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The problem seems convergence. One can have disparity of ideas and still get to a common conclusion, or even working separate and still achieve all goals. The case for making a great conclusion and acting is to cover the angles proposed but not refusing independent actions.
In short, a wiki kind of solves much of this. I know it may not seem perfect, but its upgradable. As a concept, it give base to other tools to improve further.