In 2019, AtoX leads the new trend of decentralized exchanges

Under the influence of the blockchain continuing to bear the bear market in 2018, and with the continued shrinking market value, there will be a “the coin is cold while the blockchain is hot” in the entire blockchain market in 2019, and there will even be a lot of institutions in coin circle will directly announce the transition to become blockchain technology service provider. The search for new flow in the coin circle is about to become the highlight of the exchange between the exchange and the project parties in 2019, it is emerging in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America.

In 2019, the global exchange was shuffled and a large number of small and medium-sized exchanges died. Large exchanges (the top 10) will face more hacking attacks in 2019. The bear market is also a golden age for hackers, especially when exchanges cut costs of technology marginal employees and facilitate hacking attacks. At present, the most direct and effective way to destroy a large exchange is hacking and stealing coins, and the exchange may go bankrupt. Secondly, decentralized exchanges, including AtoX, will gradually emerge in 2019 and will become a bright color in the market.

Below, let’s take AtoX as an example to see what the characteristics of this kind of exchange are compared to previous centralized exchanges.

AtoX decentralized exchange, based on blockchain 4.0 technology, using AtoX’s world-leading public blockchain system, through the highest-end of RPCA protocol and atomic exchange, to achieve almost unlimited transaction speed with cross-chain lightning network, to establish a fully automated And the truly decentralized trading platform, changing difficult problems that the traditional trading speed is slow, customer assets by the central platform control, vulnerable to hacker attacks and other difficult problems.

AtoX decentralized exchanges, transaction data needs to be launched on the chain, the confirmation of the transaction needs to wait for the miners to pack and broadcast, so the decentralized exchange’s operation steps are relatively complicated, and the usage threshold is higher. When it comes to trading in different blockchain assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, you need to go through more complex cross-chain technologies. AtoX implements cross-chain technology, side-chain technology and lightning exchange, which greatly increases the transaction speed.

At AtoX Centralized Exchange, the user’s assets are completely controlled by themselves. Decentralized exchanges do not provide fund hosting services, so it can not control and transfer the funds of users. It has changed the situation of the user funds controlled by the centralized exchanges in the past.

At the AtoX centralized Exchange, transactions between users are done on the blockchain, their transactions are packaged by miners and broadcast on the blockchain, so decentralized exchange transactions are also known as on-Chain transactions ( On-Chain). Launching the transaction information on the chain, which means that the transaction information can be publicly queried on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with, so the transaction information of the decentralized exchange is more secure and transparent.

2019, AtoX will lead a new trend of decentralized exchanges!

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