I Recommend Preventing Minors from Using Online Social Media

The popular social media platforms are controlled by C.I.A. agents or China’s oligarchs. C.I.A. agents and China’s oligarchs are brainwashing younger generations. China’s dehumanizing social credit score system prevents critical thinking. America’s rising totalitarianism happens through blackmailing more Americans into poverty, intentionally shitty public schools with underpaid teachers that indoctrinate rather than educate, union busting, arresting peaceful protesters, mass surveillance to control people’s minds, and profitable war crimes against international countries violating human rights for imperialistic power. C.I.A. agents have been raping, torturing, brainwashing, and killing people to keep America’s totalitarian oligarchs in power. China’s oligarchs have been banning V.P.N.s, doing mass surveillence, normalizing social credit scores, and other things that mindrape people into indoctrination. America and China’s oligarchs are all predators preying on the younger generations. They do this by controlling social media platforms. Younger generations are being psychologically and socioeconomically bullied by these oligarchs.