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How to pray truly

One reason of this is, people believe that God lives in Temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurudwaras and other holy places. So praying to God means visiting any of these places depending on one’s religion. Also while going in a holy place, taking care that you wear clean proper clothes, keep your footwear outside and pray with whole devotion and feeling. All these are just beliefs that people hold. In reality God does not want you to visit a holy place to pray to him or remember him. He does not care about your cloths, footwear or in whatever language you pray.

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I don’t think that many beliefs are actually stating that their gods actually live in their temples etc. It is more like an institutionalised place for worshipping their gods.

By “God”, did you mean the Christian god? First of all, you are assuming that there is a god, and second: you assume to know his/her/its will. This is a highly speculative topic and people will most likely get upset about it. I don’t think this should be discussed here, to be honest with you. However, you could try to discuss about meditation or finding one’s own spirituality, which is highly individual and easier to speculate / discuss about. Speculating about details of religious beliefs is just stirring up trouble with people of those beliefs.

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Thank you for sharing this review