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How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself (2018)

In this video, I’ll share my perspective as an Amazon employee on how I answer the question “Tell me about yourself.” My approach is non-traditional, but can be very effective at kickstarting a quality 2-way dialog.

Often times the job description is written by the recruiter and not the person that will become your boss. This creates a disconnect between what your eventual boss is looking for and what you actually applied for.

My approach is simple, non-traditional, and effective. It starts with a 90 second intro, that includes a brief summary of my education, followed by two accomplishments I am most proud of. Next, I ask a single question to uncover the key problem the hiring manager is looking to solve.

This approach get’s your soon to be boss more engaged, allows them to tell you specifically what they are facing, and turns what would have been a 1 way conversation into a consulting session where you control the pace.

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