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How do you organize your thoughts?

I’m feeling inhibited by a perceived lack of effectiveness of my thinking processes. My recent analysis has lead me to the conclusion that this is, because I’m not very good at organizing my thoughts clearly. Writing them down of course helps with that – and writing down my thoughts in this forum is often quite useful, but it’s not always the best medium for that. There are other alternatives I sometimes employ

  • Using Workflowy for taking quick notes
  • Writing down my thoughts on small notes in my room (suboptimal, but good for getting them out of my head very quickly)
  • Drawing mind-maps, diagrams, or tables on paper

I’ve considered purchasing a whiteboard for some quick brainstorming, but then, it’s not much different from using a college block when I’m only using it for myself. Still, it might be worth having it for creating a sticky and always visible and quickly accessible workspace for organizing my thoughts freely.

How do you organize the stuff in your mind?