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How "Cross chain" leads the next development of Blockchain ~ ATOX

The first conference of Atox’s 30 international conferences was held on January 28, 2019 in Otemachi, Tokyo.

A total of 55 people from top listed companies, investment banks, news media, exchanges, blockchain experts, and scholars from Japan participated in the Tokyo Station of ATOX Global Conference.

The opening of the event was delivered by CMO of TEAMZ Samara jasmine, summarizing the process of the event and introducing key speakers.

Speakers of this conference include TEAMZ CEO Yang Tianyu, Professor Zhu Youping, first person of blockchain reform in China, Japan’s licensed exchange QUOINE CFO Kanno Saya, business minister of Japan blockchain integrated media NEXT MONEY, Sakaguchi Kaisuke, professor of University of Tokyo and the lead lawyer of Japanese digital cryptocurrency, Saito Chuang, and other experts and scholars of the field of China-Japan blockchain.

The conference started with the speech of CEO of TEAMZ, Yang Tianyu. At the beginning of the event, Yang Tianyu introduced the main purpose of this event, which is intended to explore ATOX’s precise blockchain technology. Application Development of integrating Cross-chain exchange and cross-chain wallet into blockchain is the main direction of blockchain industry in the future. At the same time, it is announced that the ATOX project will expand and develop the Japanese and global markets in the future, and also indicate the intention of deep cooperation between the two parties in the future. At the same time, on April 6, 2019 and April 7, 2019, at the 5,000-person summit in Japan, ATOX will also serve as the main sponsor at the summit to discuss the relevant technical applications of ATOX with experts and scholars from all over the world. This event will be the cornerstone for ATOX’s next formal entry and deepening of the Japanese market.

Next, CFO of Japan’s licensed exchange QUOINE Kanno Saenya explores the practical application of cross-chain technology in the future blockchain industry from the perspective of the exchange. He shows that today’s blockchain technology, especially cross-chain technology, is not very mature. He expresses deep expectations and praise for ATOX’s precise blockchain logic, business model, application level and technology that can solve the existing pain points in the market. At the same time, He hopes that China and Japan can establish good international cooperation in the construction of blockchain ecosystem and jointly build the next era of blockchain.

Next, the godfather of chinese blockchain reform and the blockchain expert Professor Zhu Youping discussed the pain points of the global blockchain market with the theme of “What is cross-chain and how to promote the future development of blockchain?” In the process, it is highly and easily understood how ATOX provides solutions to global blockchain market pain points.

First of all, Professor Zhu stressed the global development slogan of “ATOX leading the era of blockchain 4.0 and changing the world.” Discussed the four highlights of ATOX. That is, ATOX is the world’s leading public blockchain aircraft carrier, AI enhanced the cross-chain. ATOX, the Jewish Gene of the Coin Circle Financial Empire, the Multi-Coins Wallet and the Decentralized Token Exchange. ATOX’s blockchain reform, lower cost and more efficient payment settlement. ATOX benefits mankind, all enterprises being launched on the blockchain, and everyone has coins.

Secondly, he puts forward five major pain points of the global blockchain, namely, the mining pool control the computing power , the slow transaction speed, the serious energy consumption, the centralization of asset storage, and hacker attacks. ATOX is the most effective way to solve real problems and realize ideal. Through carefully selected trusted super nodes, cross-chain lightning network, and RPCA protocol with near-infinite transaction speed, the truly decentralized trading platform, namely AI enhances the complete security of cross-chain, completely overturning the existing pain points of the whole blockchain and moving forward to the next era of blockchain.

Once again, Professor Zhu emphasized the biggest highlight of ATOX, that is ATOX SWAP, which is called ATOX’s peak-level function, namely ATOX cross-chain wallet and decentralized trading system. Hot and cold wallets, full-node and light node wallets, centralized or decentralized wallets, main chain and multi-chain wallets, and multi-signature and single-signature wallets are all included in the ATOX cross-chain wallet. Compared to the mainstream centralized or semi-centralized trading platform, ATOX is an absolute decentralized trading platform.

And then Professor Zhu talked about the concept of all enterprises being launched on the blockchain. From product applications, cross-border settlement, enterprise applications, customized solutions, encourage STO distribution, encourage dapp development to liquidity applications and other comprehensive solutions,all are the needs of the enterprises being launched on the blockchain. In the end, the grand vision of “blockchain reform” that Professor Zhu once proposed will be realized, that is, the blockchain technology was used to solve the practical needs of enterprises.

Finally, Professor Zhu gave a detailed introduction to the future strategic deployment of ATOX.

1,From January 2019 to February 2020, continuously optimize and upgrade the performance of the main network

2, Mainly based on the European operation center, fully deploy the ATOX global ecological node

3, with google, facebook and other overseas mainstream social media and blockchain exclusive media, to achieve a full range of three-dimensional publicity in the world

  1. In January 2019, the promotion of offline activities was fully deployed. The offline promotion was centered on technical exchanges. It aims to provide developers with operational development tutorials, popularize dapp development, and allow more users to participate in ecological construction.

Finally, Professor Zhu showed the download process of the ATOX wallet.

Later, CMO of TEAMZ Samara jasmine, Professor Zhu Youping, CFO of Japan’s licensed exchange QUOINE Kanno Saenya, Japan’s blockchain integrated media NEXT MONEY business minister Horiuchi Kishsuke, and professor of the University of Tokyo and head lawyer of Japan’s digital cryptocurrency Saito Chuang, held a round table. In the round table, Professor Zhu shared about the development of the blockchain industry in 2018 and the outlook for the blockchain industry in 2019. He said that the low present in the current price of global digital cryptocurrency, it is a good opportunity to deploy the layout of blockchain development.

Finally, Jack Ma’s classic sentence was quoted: Today is cruel, tomorrow will be more cruel,and it’s going to be beautiful the day after tomorrow. But most people will die tomorrow night. This is the big trend of the blockchain industry today, which means that the blockchain should be carefully prepared and laid out on the long front of the day after tomorrow, so as to enjoy the beauty of “the day after tomorrow.”

In the final question-and-answer session, the audience asked Professor Zhu about the issues related to ATOX.

  1. What coins are currently available in atox wallets

Answer: 4 kinds, namely BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT

  1. What is the advantage of ATOX compared to the existing fashioned cross-chain wallet decentralized exchange?

Answer: Technical strength is the biggest backing of ATOX. The technology development team from Silicon Valley provides a strong technical guarantee for ATOX’s global cross-chain wallet and decentralized exchanges.

Summary: This Tokyo Station of ATOX Global Conference, it can be said the it is successful that the core highlights of ATOX are well presented to the vast blockchain community in Japan. It also succeeded in arousing great interest in the industry. It is an important step for ATOX to enter the Japanese and the global market in the future. ATOX’s changing the world is no longer a slogan, but a real trend and a vane.

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