Historical copy from the Social Future Forum: Why I created this forum

Note: This post is a copy from the earliest days of the Social (Fractal) Future Forum.

I am the founder of the Social Future Forum. The admin account “Wu Wei” is me having the “admin hat” on. As you can see, this “Radivis” account is not an admin, because I want to separate the two different roles of me as regular user and me as admin.

Anyway, the reason why I created the SFF was that I was unhappy with the current means of communication between “social futurists” / “technoprogressives” themselves, and between them and all the other people on this planet. Often, futurists only communicate via mailing lists and proprietary social networks like Facebook. Mailing lists have the problem of being less open than forums, being less structured, and having less features. In part, this can be said about Facebook, too. Facebook also has the problem of belonging to a commercial enterprise not having the best interests of its users in mind. Its administrative practices can and do include removing legitimate, innocent, and active users without prior warning. This is a serious problem. Another problem is that Facebook is a really bad archive for the content posted to it, because there’s so much of it, and only the most recent and popular content is displayed by default.

While web forums are far from ideal, they do have significant advantages as discussion platforms over other alternatives. One of the main advantages is that the content is structured well, and older content can be found relatively easily.

The administration of any web forum is of critical importance to its success. I have several years of experience with web forum administration (at least with small to medium sized forums), so I think I have a pretty good grasp of what is important about that, and especially what to do and what not to do – hence the name “Wu Wei” of my admin account.

An important recent trigger for the creation of this forum is the release of the Technoprogressive Declaration, which I approve very much. Social aspects are of critical importance to creating a better future for any and all people on this planet. Technology alone can’t solve the problems that we are facing. Some degree of societal and political activism is needed to enable a positive future. But when it comes to discussion about such social aspects of future issues, they are often missing on the communication platforms currently in use by various sorts of futurists. This forum should change that by placing its focus clearly on social topics.

So, let’s make the world a better place, together! Now – with a clearly structured forum serving your communication needs and supporting you with an abundance of relevant information and ideas. :smiley:

I like it.
I just suggested in the meta are (https://forum.fractalfuture.net/c/meta) about highlighting any terminology and saw your wiki link to “wu wei” so I appreciated that as that’s exactly what I meant…
I don’t think I understand (or want to right now) how these work ( not unlike my own! ) other than on an the individual level. Entering politics… oh man I really don’t know how that works, isn’t it someone else’s game and subject to huge chances by design of getting hi-jacked or twisted in some way? Maybe better not answer than (I don’t too much chat about it). Maybe if there was a clear flow chart or something where it’s more towards 100% (yes after a lot of preparation) then it would seem natural to pursue it and I could have a look at it on my own.

x p.s I like wu wei wu :slight_smile:

What do you mean with that? I have problems understanding what you are talking about.

A flowchart of what exactly? What is the goal (the “100%”)?

I mean that I also have words that I believe in, much like yours, but I don’t understand or want to spend the time now understand how your/our writing is going to work other than individual level of liking the writing and incorporating it. Mainly the political way I don’t believe in right now and not sure how that writing works after having written it. Though I do enjoy reading declarations, charters and other examples of peoples feelings…

The next comment was following how it works, and saying that I (personally) would be more motivated in trying to understand steps after declaration if was in format such as a flow chart format… showing how the declaration works or moves on to something else.

and ‘towards 100%’ means, something that works more regularly and achieves objective towards 100% - I said this because I believe as it is right now, writing anything (especially alternatives or slightly anti-capitalist-type stuff is mainly taken unkindly by those people running things currently + the power of Law that attaches a big part itself in everything eventually (at least in my mind which might be wrong).
So I mentioned the flow chart and 100% towards understanding how you will get something working or different to ending up stopped / dissembled by Law, Capitalism, misinformation etc
I don’t mean this as distraction as conspiracy theory etc only to see how you think the steps after declaration work… if you know right now or working on it.

So, you want to have some kind of “plan for action” that should aim at implementing the objectives of the declaration? And you want to have that “plan for action” as flowchart?

It would help me. I’d be more motivated to look at something like this even if it wasn’t so polished and hand drawn / sketched… even over-simplified… because I think if one has a basic idea or knows how things work then this it could shown in some way.