Hello to Fractal Futures

Badger2 says hello to all of the members. It is a pleasure to see some forward thinking!

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Welcome to Fractal Future, Badger2. Forward thinking is the first step to forward doing. At least it could be. In the very least, the Fractal Future Forum remains a platform and resource for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and coordination.

What brought you to Future Forum? What are you most interested in?

We searched for ‘fractal forum’ because of the interest in fractal ontology.

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hi badger2, … so you are looking for the omega-directive?

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A general definition of ‘omega-directive’? This will assist us in a schizoanalysis of ‘ends.’

We have the ‘beginning’ if this Omega Directive refers to Star Trek. For example, take the character, 7-of-9, which name is derived from the Archaic Chinese character, ‘ling.’ To examine the evolution of this character, which indeed consists of both 7 and 9 particles, one may refer to Karlgren’s Grammatica Serica, or examine the character as it occurs in cyberspace.

The fish, ling-cod, is depicted in the reproductions of Siberian wooden runes in Mudrak O.A. (2000) Etimologicheskii slovar’ chukotskogo-kamchatskikh iazykov. This links Russian linguistics to the Santa Fe Institute:

Santa Fe Institute / Mudrak

Further south, of course, is the Very Large Array.

For an “omega” the connection to the Very Large Array is NASA’s:

NASA Deep Space Network

‘…The Goldstone dish can be arrayed with the Very Large Array of antennas in New Mexico.’

At the time, radioastronomer Hans Deeg was my room-mate, and was “looking” out through the constellation Draco to study red dwarfs. Having a lifetime of trillions of years longer than the Earth’s sun, red dwarfs will be the last stars existing in the Universe. The important job of monitoring asteroids also includes the fact that incoming signals have up to this time only consisted of noise, of any frequency. Roboting of either exoplanets or the lunar surface are a likely and reasonable approach for the first accumulations of water in reservoirs.

How would you explain “fractal ontology” to someone who never heard about that term, or about neither of the constituent terms “fractal” and “ontology”? And what’s the point (set) of fractal ontology?

As per Webster’s dictionary, ontology as the study of the nature of being and its problems. Mandelbrot’s first two books, because the reader likely knows what Nature is. The term “point (set)” is problematic for us, could you divulge on that? Taylor Adkins, Fractal Ontology is one trajectory, though we prefer Guattari’s idea of changing the past at its root to influence a current state of affairs, also a system not easily exploitable by a capitalistic system, a devouring monad.

‘These monads of absolute determinability seem dominated by a bulimic drive that leads them to devour their own limits without respite.
Eti monady absoliutnoi reshitel’nost khazutsia dominiruiut blulimiei disk, kotoryi vedet ikh, chtoby pozhirat’ ikh sobstvennye predeli bez peredychki.

We will no longer have to consider that the continuous and discontinuous are passively given, but that they participate in processes of continuation-discontinuation that are implanted at the heart of the same molecular-fractal chaosmos, that is to say, the same Universe of determinability in the free state.
My bol’she ne dolzhny schitat’, chto nepreryvnye i pasivno dany, no chto oni uchastvuiut v protsessakh prodolzhenie prekrashchenie, kotorye implantirovanie v samom, serdtse zhe khaosmos molekularno fraktal, to est, toi zhe vselenoi reshitel’nost v svobodnom sostoianni.’

Fractalization of capital’s curare-resin matrix, its critique and boycott, all simultaneously. The perception will change, dreams will change, and time itself will take on a less vegetative, redundant aspect.

‘The will, because it cannot devour, becomes a will to destroy.’ (Ludwig Klages)

What is the purpose of the thought system of fractal ontology? What kinds of problems does it attempt to solve? What is its genealogy? What is its function? Who uses fractal ontology for what ends with what means?

It seems that fractal ontology seems to be connected with a critical view of capitalism? Is that a necessary component of fractal ontology or do you just happen to combine both? Shouldn’t fractal ontology also be intertwined with a critical view of non-capitalism (as in the Yin-Yang-Duality)?