Happy Winter Solstice Holidays

Around the world many different cultures and religions celebrate after winter solstice. Why? It’s because the highest point of the sun in the sky is rising again. Days are getting longer. We have survived the worst darkness of the year. The world still exists. The regularity of the world has not given way to chaos and decay. The apocalypse hasn’t happened, yet. I think that’s a pretty good reason to celebrate – in whatever way you may deem appropriate.

At the very least, I am grateful to the cosmos that I still exist, and have the opportunity to experience these things called life and the world. :joy: :earth_africa:

Happy winter solstice holidays everyone! And thanks for being here! :smiley:

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Merry Christmas!.. or Happy winter solistice or… whatever.:evergreen_tree:

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On this subject i always have to pull out my post-apocalyptic-zombie-theory: In reality, the world ended several millenia ago, we just didn’t notice yet. So we all are zombies since then. Maybe we will develop / apply a cure eventually, but so far it’s a long way to go for zombies to return to normal people. Especially few even start to realize our real fate.

Apart from that i like the winter solstice celebration much better than christmas. It’s just more nature-bound and feels kind of paganic. I like that.

What kind of apocalypse was that? What went wrong?
What kind of zombies are we supposed to be? Philosophical zombies? Virus zombies? Fungus zombies? Meme zombies? Alien zombies?

Thanks. If we go back to the roots of all these festivities, it’s not hard to see that they revolve around the cycles of the position of the sun in the sky. That is actually something quite meaningful and universal. On top of that different cultures add their own stories and traditions, but those are rather the icing on the cake, rather than the cake itself. :cake:

I like the philosophical zombies. Well, what went wrong? It seems, no one knows exactly, few even know something did go wrong. In Zombie-Rousseau’s opinion it all started with propery thinking. Maybe that’s a first approximation. Certainly not the best explanation.

What would be different if the apocalypse had never happened?

we would be alive, of course. :smiley: if you know what i mean

People who are “alive” today would probably end up in prison, in mental wards, or simply dead.

And I’m not sure whether a world in which everyone was “alive” was stable or even approximately “pleasant” to live in. But I guess if you are truly alive you don’t care about “unstable” or “unpleasant”.

i just know it’s neither stable nor pleasant to be in this zombie-world.
i don’t think you wouldn’t care about that, being alive, but maybe you would view it differently. well, we might find out soon.

I rather think the problem is the opposite: The system is too stable, and people set up their lives to be so pleasant that they resist any change they might perceive as uncomfortable. Why take risks and try something new, if people can arrange themselves with the system and live comfy “normal” lives?