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Guide to the future

Jamais Cascio talks about “An Optimists’s Guide to the Next 10 Years”. Some really important thoughts in there. The vanishing of advertisements feels really significant. What about a shift towards personalised opt-in advertisements perhaps? Also, very interesting thoughts about the kind of jobs that will be resistant to automation, because they require empathy and social skills.

Really like the idea of vanishing adverts… sort of solves a whole bunch of stuff and how we think of it… it’s purpose and temptations…
Also like the idea of Opt in advertisements.

I didn’t see the above film because I’m not visiting YT computers - I did go to Vimeo to find it and didn’t, but instead watched The “Jamais Cascio: Future of Education” which is maybe more my kind of title and field anyway. A good steady and talk.

More from author on Vimeo here

UPDATE: I contacted the author, and plan for the Future of Education video is to put it on Vimeo in coming months, which is a good at least to get response AND a planned action in one reply.


Author replied and now these videos are on Vimeo:

  1. “An Optimists’s Guide to the Next 10 Years” (alternative Vimeo link to above source )
  2. “Longevity and the Future of Fun” (newly added)

Pretty quick work by author. Counts big for me.

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