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GNU Taxable Anonymous Libre Electronic Reserves v0.0.0

For all the talk about cryptocurrency, there hasn’t been much discussion of GNU Taler, a reserve and payments system which aims to permit monetary and taxation policy by enforcing anonymity for customers and transparency/accountability for merchants, unlike Bitcoin which is simply a pseudonymous, commodity and public ledger that facilitates transaction. Also, instead of having fixed quantities being doled out at constant rates (which assumes a quantity theory of money which is not empirically backed) as is the case with bitcoin mining, it’s a reserve and payment system.

Taler just made its first public release with software for banks, exchanges, merchants, and a wallet for consumers.

There are many questions to be asked, but it seems like a project that shows promise and potential for use for distributed nations with actual economic policies.

Release Announcement
GNU Savannah page


Thanks for sharing this. Taler looks like it has a reasonable combination of features that should make it universally useful (in the sense that it can be plugged into the current nation state dominated economical and political system), at least at first sight. I haven’t done a lot of detail research, yet.

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