Global Financial collapse/Great Reset/Big Ugly

It is starting to look like we will be going through a finacial crisis so severe that it is actually likely to end fiat currency as we know it. The World Economic Forum (Evil) calls this the Great Reset. the intend to use this to usher in a “Central Bank Digital Currency” or monetary slave colar for short. This effort will FAIL. When it does fail, the survivors of the event will lead humanity into the greatest golden age in history.

General tips for this period:

→ Hodl the silver and bitcoin that you should have been hoarding over the past few years for dear life.

→ Treat whatever local version of the CBDC you are expected to use as radioactive, don’t obtain it, don’t accept it, don’t spend it, don’t sign up for an account, do not participate in it in any way. (You may need to live off of the storable food you should have been buying the last few years for a few months but that’s worth it…)

→ share this message with neighbors and faimily, Do whatever you can to make sure they don’t participate in the CBDC either.

We really are only one chess move way from glorious victory or absolute defeat. If we accept the CBDC, our lives will be hell, if we reject it, our lives will be more awesome than we can imagine.


Here are more tips for this period of economic issues:

Stay healthy.

Become economically literate by understanding mathematics, science, and economic activities from businesses.

Get updated on events happening everywhere.

Learn how to save and invest money in a way that won’t backfire.

Use cryptocurrency or cash if possible.

Keep electronic devices from allowing Orwellian government authorities to spy on financial activity.

Fight against these tyrants who extort money and power.

Reject the central bank digital currency.


I wonder why you suddenly seem to be so certain about that.

How would a glorious victory look to you?

Now this is a tall challenge. What would you advise, if they are from the “everything is alright” part of society?

It’s a bit of a risky move to propose that publicly. Do you have a plan for the eventuality of the police coming to your home and asking for their “fair share” of silver and crypto?

Anthropic principle, considering the oposite is doom for humanity, so therefore their failure becomes a necessary assumption.

New golden age, freeing of suppressed technologies, end of accelerated decadence cycle we are in. There may be some anti-transhumanist baclash to contend with but that is the only real problem.

That demographic will be extincted by the sudden crash of fiat currencies. The key factor is that the current establishment must not be allowed to govern the currency moving forward.

I really should get some lead to cover my silver now that I have so much of it loose in my haus. Police operate based on salaries paid from a pool of fiat currency. When the fiat goes, there will be bedlam until the new freedom currency is established.

So hodl your godl…

The key is that the silver spike will bring a LOT of long dormant silver production back on-line. So the peak price will be about 6 months, so that will be your sell window, if you do a decent job timing it. Gold is tricky as the total supply is a bit opaque in vaults and known mineable reserves such as the Grand Canyon. I do have a significant quantity of gold too which I’m a bit concerned about. Anyway, it will survive the dollar and I should be well positioned to adopt the new currency when it arises and move my investments into productive assets. I’m thinking of starting an enterprise in hovercars and anti-grav transportation… That may or may not be a pipe dream…

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Interesting, I’ve been expecting quite the same.

Ah, so you don’t expect that the government or other factions start paying the police in silver or crypto?

Ok, but what else would you put your funds into? More crypto?

I think that Bitcoin-backed cash with full-reserve-banking and proof of reserves would be pretty cool. Once the dust has settled, I think this will be a large part of our future.

Fancy. And you think you are able to take advantage of this potentially emerging technology, because … ?